Diet Snacks

Here are some of the best diet snacks you can eat while trying to lose weight. I’m going to share with you the exact snacks that I eat and why. It’ll only take you 2 minutes to read this article. Your snacks are in many ways just as important as your meals, so read this now for some easy weight loss solutions.

Diet Snacks

1. Apples

Apples are a big part of my diet usually. I eat 2-3 a day. Although I like the taste of bananas more, why do I choose apples over bananas? Because apples have 5 grams of fiber in each of them. Fiber is like the not so subtle secret to weight loss. Sneak it into your diet anyway you can. Plus apples have few calories, yet totally fill you up.

2. String Cheese

This is a protein dominant food. Is it a perfect snack, nope. But it’s great because the protein is dominant in it… besides, it has few calories and does a nice job of filling you up. I eat 1 a day… sometimes 2.

3. Low Calorie Yogurts

To be clear, when I say low calorie, I mean 80 or less calories. Although these have more carbs than protein in them, the protein will NEUTRALIZE the carbs so that they don’t rapidly increase your blood sugar levels. This fills you up quite well and it has such a variety of tastes that you won’t get bored of it. I personally get the 33 cent yogurts from Wal-Mart and eat 1, and sometimes 2 a day.

These 3 foods are my personal diet snacks that help me to maintain and lose weight whenever I feel like it.

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