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Muscle Milk – Is Muscle Milk the Best Tasting Protein Powder?

Muscle Milk. There are many protein powders on the market today for those looking for weight loss or to build bigger muscles. The many protein powders can be slow release, fast release or a mix of both. What protein powder you should get is based on your needs. The first thing you should do though [...]

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What Is Muscle Milk?

muscle milk Muscle milk is a performance enhancing product from Cytosport. It has become very popular in recent years, and its popularity is probably now at a peak. How is Muscle Milk marketed? This product comes in four major forms. These are protein powder, a light version, ready to go drinks (RTDs) and as muscle [...]

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Muscle Milk – Is it Healthy?

Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk protein has gained lots of popularity among those who want to build lean muscle. But as is with almost every new muscle building supplement, many question if Muscle Milk is healthy or not. Muscle Milk comes in a variety of presentations including protein powder, ready-to-go drinks, Muscle Milk Light and Muscle [...]

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