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Flex Belt

Flex Belt Tone Your Abs Electronically with the Flex Belt The abdominal muscles are some of the most difficult muscles to tone and tighten, yet keeping them in good shape is important not only for looking good, but also for avoiding back pain and improving posture and gait. While crunches — tens of thousands of [...]

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Here’s the Truth About Abs “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”

the Truth About Abs The popularity of on-line fat loss programs is not waning just yet. There is a diverse bunch of products available – some great and some…well, not so great. In this “The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review, I’d like to focus on some of key elements of Mike Geary’s popular e-book [...]

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The Truth About Abs – Is It Worth The Money?

The Truth About Abs Truth About Abs has become the most popular belly fat course ever written by Mike Geary. There is chance that you have heard it at least once somewhere. In spite of the popularity, is the course worth the money? Will you get the result that you always wanted? 1. What Makes [...]

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