Calorie Shifting – How to Use Calorie Shifting to Lose Weight

Calorie shifting has gained popularity over the past 5 years or so because it is a relatively simple way to get your body to drop the pounds in a fast but safe manner.

To use calorie shifting to lose weight, you first need to understand how this works for your body.

Normally, when most people eat, they pay no attention to how many calories they consume and this may vary each day. Additionally, most people who need to lose weight have misconceptions about eating and don’t follow very good eating habits.

On the calorie shifting diet there are two main principles – you must eat at least 4 – 5 meals per day and you must eat them in varying calorie amounts each day. But first you need to establish a base calorie intake over a period of time so that your body will come to expect and adjust to that amount.

To lose weight on a calorie shifting diet, all you need to do is shift your calories over and under this base. So say for example you established a base calorie intake of 1800 calories, you can shift it down to 1500 the first day then up to 2200 the next day, then back down and so on.

Since your body expects to get a least 1800 calories shifting it down to 1500 would cause you to metabolise (burn) through at least 300 calories stored in your fat to meet the expected calorie intake. Going up over the base calorie intake would prevent your body from adjusting to a new calorie base. This allows your body to burn fat at a rapid pace while you enjoy the foods you love.

You will actually eat more on this diet than you will ever eat on a traditional diet but you’ll lose the weight.

Now if you’re like me, the idea of counting calories may turn you off doing this diet. The good thing is you don’t have to if you follow a meal plan where the calorie counting is done for you. You can check out reviews and user experience for two of the most popular calorie shifting diets – Fat Loss 4 Idiots [] and the Skinny Switch Secret Diet.

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